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Wagworld ambassador: Carl, Gareth Cliff dog

Have a look at our cute ambassador Carl, Gareth Cliff (5fm radio DJ) dog wearing one of our latest collars…



                                                 Just to cute right?!

Wagworld Collar and Lead stands going up…. And up and up! Be sure to check them out at The vet shop in gardens center, Planet woooof in Cape Quarter, About cats and dogs, Somerset mall and About cats and dogs, Stellenbosch Square…


See link for our products and info: http://www.wagworld.co.za/

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“Must Love Dogs” – The Five Star Dog Emporium

If you’re the kind of dog owner who feels uneasy leaving their precious pooch at the local dog kennel, we’d like to introduce you to the intriguing new concept of the five star dog hotel, ‘Must Love Dogs”.

Yup, that’s right! You can now leave your loved one to be groomed and doted upon in the lap of luxury while you jet off on your next holiday or business trip.  You can be rest assured that your dog, who we’ll now refer to as your “guest” will receive nothing less than celebrity treatment during their stay.

As if fully decorated boutique suites are not enough, personalised packages and pawdicures are just some of the extra indulgences offered.

Based in Randburg, Gauteng ‘Must Love Dogs’ is the result of a personal project by Ineke Boyle who wanted to re-create “a home away from home” for people’s little loved ones. From the references we’ve seen, it seems that dog owners have only been chuffed with the services and accommodation their guests have enjoyed at the hotel.

In terms of accommodation, there are 15 available suites, including a large “Bubblegum Suite” for guests who chew a lot. Prices vary from room to room, and depending on the number of “family members” staying together as guests. Bigger rooms include TV’s so that guests can enjoy the same visual stimulation they do at home.

All owners can choose to be sent two MMS images of their pooch per day (So you can say good morning and good night, of course); and also soon to be up and running is a webcam service, which allows you to experience in real time how your loved one is enjoying their stay.

If we were to include all the added perks and pampers that are available to guests, we’d have to write a short novel - When we spoke to Ineke she informed us that she was making a cup of tea for one of her guests, as per their owners request.

There really seems to be few limits to which Ineke and her team will go to ensure you have peace of mind, and your baby is well looked after.

For more information, please e-mail Ineke at ineke@mustlovedogs.co.za , and be sure to check out the splash page at www.mustlovedogs.co.za (While the website is under construction). 

Is Your Furball Acting Up?

Wagworld speaks to dog professional Bernice Jaffe:

Bernice Jaffe has been involved with animals her whole life, and has been working as a full-time dog behaviourist for the past seven of them.

Previously a shiatsu and directed pressure point therapist, Bernice holds a naturally warm and relaxed disposition and firmly believes that, “dogs feed off our energy, our calmness or our nervousness”. If you tend to act aggressively with or around your dog, the more likely it is that your dog will pick up similar habits. Likewise, if you are calm and collected, your pet will respond similarly.

The best way to understand animals, she says, is through devoted time and observation spent studying how they react to their environments. And this is exactly what she has done herself. 

According to Bernice, aggression, fear and anxiety in animals’ stems from their previous circumstances, miss-ownership and lack of  socialisation - over and above their breed.

Bernice also promotes “the pack theory”, which is the theory that dogs, like other group orientated animals, are instinctively in need of a leader, or alpha male/ female. And for a happy and healthy relationship to occur, your dog needs to be taught that you, the owner, are the “pack leader”.

Here are some of the values that Bernice believes owners must practise:

-       Shouting or hitting your dog and is a ‘no-no’

-       Always walk first through an entry way or entrance

-       Eat or pretend to eat first before you feed your dog

-       Never feed dog from dining table

-       Give attention on your own terms – Do not reward anxious behaviour

-       Do not ignore dogs when they are being calm and quiet – Give them calm attention

-       Greet human beings in the house first when you arrive home

-       Only greet dogs when calm

-       Allow dogs to sleep inside with you as they will be better able to protect you inside

In addition to working privately, Bernice also works with LEAPS (Lambert and Elands Animal Protection Unit), Pets and African Tails to help animals resolve behaviour problems.

Although it can never be 100% guaranteed that your dog could be rehabilitated, Bernice’s expertise continues to yield successful results. Her primary speciality lies with dogs with excessive barking problems.

For testimonials on her work and dedication, please visit: http://www.bernicejaffe.co.za/testimonials.html

Contact Bernice on: bark@bernicejaffe.co.za or 0798837566.

Leaps Bingo Night - 25 June

When: 25th of June at 19h00, Camps Bay High School, Lower Kloof Road, Camps Bay

Tickets: R130 for 10 games of Bingo

All seating will be presold, Seating is limited so move fast, Reserved seating for tables of 10. RSVP ASAP to avoid utter disappointment and regret! 

Email jolene@leaps.co.za to book your seats.

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